FREE EVENT – Join the Media Revolution: Saving Our Children (Sunday July 31, 2011)

27 Jul

Live Video streaming by Ustream


Watoto From The Nile performing “Letter to Lil Wayne” LIVE + MORE

16 Jul

Check out Watoto From The Nile as they perform hit songs from their new Mixtape “Life Giving Energy” at the ” Enough is Enough: A Nation Can Rise No Higher Than It’s Women” event on May 14, 2011.

LIMITED EDITION – “Letter to Lil Wayne” Poster – $10.00 + FREE Watoto From The Nile Mixtape

1 Jul

Get your copy of the The Limited-Edition “Letter to Lil Wayne” poster. The poster is a custom designed poster which features a beautiful picture of the three girls who collectively make up Watoto From The Nile and also the full lyrics to the song “Letter to Lil Wayne”. Its a dedicated gift for any Hip Hop fan and collector. Get your hands on the one letter that was read by millions around the world today. You’ll love it!
To purchase  CLICK HERE
***As an added bonus to purchasing the poster, you get a FREE Mixtape by Watoto From The Nile

The Life Giving Energy Mixtape by Watoto From The Nile features the following songs…

1. Sisters In The Struggle
2. Circle Of Life
3. Grandmother I Love You
4. I Wont Quit
5. Eating Good Stuff
6. Freedom Fighter Nat Turner
7. Letter To Lil Wayne
8. Study Day
9. RBG Swag
10. RBG Diva
11. Unify and Live

News One Interviews Watoto From The Nile (First On-Camera Interview)

30 Jun

Watoto From The Nile and Jabari Natur sit down with NewOne to give the inside scoop on the internet hit “Letter to Lil Wayne”. They share criticisms on reaction and even have a few MORE words for Lil Wayne. Check it out.

Watoto From The Nile – Letter to Lil Wayne

30 Jun

“Letter to Lil Wayne” is a direct statement of justice from Watoto From The Nile. Growing tired and fed up with the constant degredation of Black women inside of Hip Hop music, they voice thier views and opinions on this melodic track.

For more music from the “Watoto From The Nile” Click here.

Watoto From The Nile – I Won’t Quit

30 Jun

Watoto From The Nile are a group of young Afrikan sisters that have come together to create inspiration music for the whole family but primarily the youth of our communities. They are all still in elementary school and have grown tired of the stereotypical Disney channel songs that never focus on the plight of Black Children around the world.

Watoto from the Nile – EPK

30 Jun

This is the official electronic press kit for Watoto From The Nile. For booking, feel free to email them at