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Who is Watoto From The Nile?

Ranging from elementary to middle school, Watoto From The Nile is a young, thought provoking, inspirational, socially and culturally conscious music group. We have come to breathe life back into a destructive music culture that’s on life support. Through our musical talents, we silence the notion of our youth being lost and uncontrollable. Our music is a direct reflection of the state of America and includes topics such as the woman-bashing lyrics of Lil Wayne, the untimely death of Trayvon Martin, a tribute to the Baltimore Ravens for winning the Super Bowl, and the promotion of illegal drugs in Hip Hop music.

Our kale chip operation is growing at a rapid and unexpected rate. We just began the company a few months ago, and we are already in five stores in the state of Maryland. If we keep up this pace, we will have our products in stores across the U.S. by the end of the year! Well, this is where you come in.

Located on our Kick starter Page, you will find a list of amounts that you can pledge to help our dream come true. Our ultimate goal is to get at least $20,000 to help with renovating a building to set up our business, buying more advanced equipment, and hiring local people to learn the craft and help us to produce bigger quantities of chips. Your pledge will also help us establish better packaging to increase the shelf life of our raw snacks. Below is a list of specific items and services we need to manifest our dream:

■Industrial Kitchen Dehydrators = $9,000
■Commercial Grade Refrigerators = $2,400
■Commercial Stainless Steel Counter tops and Worktables = $2,000
■Promotional Material (Commercials, Press Releases, Advertisement) = $1,000
■Complete upgrade of electrical wiring = $4,000
■On top of that, your funds will also help us to continue to produce positive, family-oriented music to motivate and inspire people to change the socioeconomic conditions in their communities. = roughly $5,000

As you can see, we really need over $20,000, but we figured that would be a good place to at least start to make a dent in our costs.

Finally, our official spokesperson and protector of health, Kale Man, needs a cape so he can continue to fight unhealthy fats, disease, and tooth decay. If Superman has a cape then he deserves one too! With your help, we can change this world…one kale chip at a time!


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