Three sisters stemming from their home town of Harriet Tubman City (Baltimore, Maryland) have come to silence all notions of the youth being lost and uncontrollable. Still in elementary school, Nia, Nya and Kamaria, known as Watoto From the Nile, are a young African-centered, thought provoking, socially and culturally conscious music group.  They are a testament to the fact that music can be used for much more than to propagandize messages of death and destruction. The “money, cash, hoes” days are very much coming to a close and these young divas are leading the way for change.

Nia, whose Afrikan name means “being on purpose,” is taking her purposeful message to the streets in order to raise the self esteem of her sisters. As a ten year old fifth grader, she is very excited about her future in the performing arts, as she strengthens her talents to empower her community.  


Nya Meke, whose Afrikan name means “Gift from God,” is stepping on the scene to clearly bring the message that our people must return to the position of grandeur as we were in the past.  As a nine year old fourth grader, exposed to many activities for uplifting her race, she  is bringing her gift to you as only the Creator could instruct her to, “from the Heart!”

Kamaria, whose Afrikan name means “beauty of the moon,” is the quiet storm as well as the baby of the group.  Don’t let her quiet demeanor and kindergarten school status fool you. Kamaria often contributes many enlightening messages from the Ancestors and helps keep the group focused. She is very lovable and desires to use her talent to teach others.

Watoto From the Nile continues to nurture their Creator given talents by undergoing training in singing, song-writing, and acting. Watoto From the Nile receives loving support from their parents, as well as an abundance of love and support from a host of other relatives to include grandmothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, and extremely close family friends. These young sisters represent the potential future of the music industry.

 In 2010 Watoto From the Nile, after months of writing and practicing, released their first hit song, Won’t Quit, which is a very upbeat, charismatic and motivational song.  About six months later in late February 2011, Watoto From the Nile with released Letter to Lil Wayne, a riveting message aimed at stopping the negative images of Black women in Lil Wayne’s music.  The music video became a You Tube hit nearing one millions views and was also featured on, the most popular Hip Hop website in the world.

Now receiving hundreds of emails from fans, bloggers, reporters, community activists, and even a few threats and messages of hate, Watoto From the Nile are working diligently to finalize an official album and Mixtape which are due to be released sometime in 2011. The African Diaspora is now being held accountable to promote and support these monumental artists. Everyone that believes the music must change ultimately has to become a part of the change themselves. The youth have continued the legacy of their foremothers and fathers and now is the time for revolution in music. It starts now!


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  1. Assata August 15, 2011 at 10:22 pm #

    Girls, those sounds and lyrics are the bomb! Bound to liberate the consciousness of the youth!!
    You gotta come to St. Louis

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