Watoto From The Nile – Kale Vs Molly (Official Music Video)

13 Aug


Watoto from the Nile, Kale Man, and Lil Kale take on The despicable MOLLY and her drug advocate Jamaican Shames. See how our heros deal with their first encounter with the villains while continuously pushing the positive agenda of health and Nutrition
MOLLY – Pure form of MDMA (ecstasy), usually a free powder or in capsules. Oftentimes MDA is sold as molly.


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Watoto From The Nile – People Really Should Be Eating Good Stuff (Official Music Video)

2 Jun

Watoto From The Nile is back again with an awesome, holistic, child-friendly, family and health oriented remix of Guccia Mane’s “Lemonade” song. Instead of promoting the age old tale of materialism, drug distribution, and blatant disrespect of Black women, they have teamed up to shed some light on health and why we need to all do our part to get healthy!

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Watoto From The Nile – WARNING (Dedication to Trayvon Martin)

8 Apr

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U.Y.I.P. and Watoto from the Nile “Ultimate Black History Presentation and Concert” – Feb 24, 2012

27 Jan

@ Sojourner Douglass College, 200 N. Central Avenue, Baltimore MD

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Watoto From The Nile F/ Ayanna Gregory – Sharing The Love (Happy Kwanzaa) OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

26 Dec

Watoto From The Nile have teamed up with Ayanna Gregory (daughter of Dick Gregory) to release a new,inspiring song for the Kwanzaa season. Share it with your family and be sure to live out the Kwanzaa principles everyday of the year.

Download the song at http://store.payloadz.com/go?id=985328

Watoto From The Nile – Positive Hustle (Message to Rick Rozay and P.Diddy)

17 Aug

The long awaited follow up to “Letter to Lil Wayne” is finally here for all to see. Watoto From The Nile closely examines the word “hustle” and criticizes Rick Rozay, P.Diddy, and others who claim to represent the masses of Black people to be more critical of their roles in the media. Often, the term “hustle” is used in a negative light to describe the act of selling drugs or doing some other illegal activity to hinder the growth of a community, while simultaneously growing finances for the so called “hustler”. Now we take a look at the POSITIVE HUSTLE which represents life giving energy! It is all about love and building up one another daily. It is okay to make money but it is NOT OKAY to kill your people in the process.

Watoto From the Nile Fundraiser Dinner w/ Special Guest speaker DICK GREGORY speaking on Urgent Issues (August 12, 2011)

29 Jul

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